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Spheres of activity

The Association “Greenhouses of Russia” unites a team of like-minded people, makes a significant contribution to the development of horticulture of Russia, participates in food security program of the country, takes an active part in solving urgent problems of greenhouse vegetable growing, floriculture and mushroom growing.

The Republican production and scientific Association “Greenhouses of Russia” was established in 1994 on the initiative of the heads of the leading greenhouse enterprises of the country.

The Association includes more than 230 enterprises, including greenhouse plants, domestic and foreign organizations working in the sphere of horticulture.

Spheres of activity:

  • representation and protection of interests of greenhouse enterprises in Legislative and Executive bodies of state power of the Russian Federation and management bodies of agroindustrial complex of the Russian Federation;
  • study and implementation of scientific and technological progress, ensuring the effective production of vegetable, mushroom and flower products;
  • coordination and assistance in the implementation of investment projects in greenhouse vegetable growing, consulting support, including cooperation with financial institutions;
  • development of international cooperation in the field of horticulture;
  • the annual specialized exhibition “Horticulture of Russia”, which gives the opportunity to exchange information, meet new domestic and foreign trends in the technologies of growing vegetables, mushrooms, green and flower crops;
  • issue of the magazine “Greenhouses of Russia” for specialists of the greenhouse production.

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