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Entry procedure

To join the Association and to be considered at the meeting of the Board of Directors it is necessary to submit the following documents:

  1. Application form (Appendix №1) addressed to the General Director Natalia Rogova. Summary of the organization activity.
  2. Certificate of state registration of a legal entity or certificate of registration in USRLE.
  3. The certificate on statement on the account in tax authority (INN assignment).
  4. Extract from the report of the General meeting of the company or the meeting of the Board of Directors on the agreement to join the Association “Greenhouses of Russia” with annual membership fees.
  5. The certificate of incorporation.
  6. Enterprise card.

The size of the entrance and annual membership fee is established by the Board of Directors of the Association depending on the profile of the enterprise.

Members of the Association receive free of charge our magazine “Greenhouses of Russia”, have preferential prices for participation in seminars, exhibitions, placement of advertisement in our magazine, and can also receive information about the production activities of greenhouse enterprises in different regions of the Russian Federation, information about the members of the Association.в состав Ассоциации.

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