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For advirtisers

  • Authors should submit an article (advertisement) in Russian and send it by e-mail if the size of the message does not exceed 20 MB.
  • All article material, including: title, names and positions of authors, tabular material, references, coordinates of the organization, should be typed in one interval in Times New Roman, regular, size 12 points. The title and subheadings can be typed in the selected font. Indent – 0.8 cm, all margins – 2,5 cm. Tabular material is given in the text. Drawings, graphics and photos are provided as separate files.
  • The text of the article should be checked for grammatical and spelling errors. Words must be separated by a single space. Jargon is not allowed
  • Drawings (graphic material) must be made in Adobe Photoshop or similar programs (JPG, TIFF, EPS formats). These files should also be provided on a CD; or sent by e-mail if the message size does not exceed 20 MB. Captions to drawings and photos are printed in the text of the article. Electronic versions of photos must be in TIFF or JPG (CMYK) format, the recommended resolution is 300 dpi.
  • Photocopies for scanning should be of good quality, no smaller than 9×12 cm, On the reverse of the picture, you need to specify which article it is, and what it depicts.
  • All authors should indicate their full name, position, academic degree and academic title. At the end of the article, you should specify the postal address, telephone (Fax) and e-mail address of the organization that posted this article.
  • The dimension of all physical quantities must comply with the International system of units (SI). The names of the individual chemicals are given in accordance with the IUPAC (SHRAS) regulations. The brand name of varieties (hybrids) of plants, pesticides and fertilizers are given without quotes, in Russian, with a capital letter.
  • When making articles containing experimental data, it is necessary to adhere to the following order: introduction – purpose and methods of research – results and their discussion – conclusions – references. Repetition of the same data in the text, tables and graphic material is not allowed. Abbreviated words at the first mention are given in full.
  • Numbered formulas start with a red line, with the formula number placed at the right edge. The number is given only to formulas that have references in text. You should not use the Microsoft Word formula editor to denote chemical elements or to construct simple formulas.
  • The literature used should be presented at the end of the article as a General list. Bibliographic records are arranged in alphabetical order in the original language. References in the text are indicated by an ordinal number in square brackets.
  • The editorial Board reserves the right to make editorial changes that do not change the main content of the article, as well as to return the articles for revision. Articles are not reviewed; digital media are not sent back to the authors.

Requirements for the color advertisment:


A4 – 175х245 mm – cut or for a departure of 5 mm from each side;

A5 – horizontal – 170х120 mm – cut or for a departure of 5 mm from each side;

A3 (0,25) – vertical – 80×120 mm cut or departure of 5 mm from each side.

File formats:

– CorelDraw, font in curves, raster images attached separately

– Adobe Illustrator, fonts in curves, bitmaps attached separately and linked


All colors are set in CMYK color space, all bitmaps are in TIFF, 300 dpi,CMYK format.

Media: MO (PC), ZIP(PC), CD-ROM (PC).

The cost of advertising in the magazine “Greenhouses of Russia” for 2022.

1 page format A4.

For organizations that are members of the association For organizations that are not part of the association
2-3-rd pages of the magazine cover 50000 rubles 62000 rubles
4-th page of the magazine cover 55000 rubles 70000 rubles
Color advertising inside the magazine 31000 rubles 44000 rubles
Text with color photos 15500 (more than 4 free pages) 24000 rubles
Text 12000 (more than 4 free pages) 16500 rubles

For advertising in the magazine, please contact Vladimir Podzemelnykh  by phone: +7(499)178-0159, +7(495)651-0839, or by e-mail:

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