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About the Association
The тест Association “Greenhouses of Russia” was established in 1994 on the initiative of the heads of greenhouse enterprises. The Association “Greenhouses of Russia” unites more than 230 enterprises, including 109 greenhouses with a total area of winter glass greenhouses more than 1500 hectares. Annual production of vegetables in the off-season period is more than 600 thousand tons. The main crops are cucumbers 70%, tomatoes 25%, peppers, eggplants and green crops. In total, more than 30 kinds of vegetables, flowers, mushrooms are grown.
  • representation and protection of interests of greenhouse enterprises in the Government of the Russian Federation, the state Duma, the Federation Council, the Ministry of agriculture, regional ministries and departments;
  • study and implementation of scientific and technological progress at the enterprises of horticulture;
  • information support of greenhouse enterprises;
  • international cooperation in the shere of horticulture.
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