Results of the exhibition “Protected Soil of Russia 2023”
Results of the XX Anniversary Specialized Exhibition “Protected Soil of Russia”
From May 31 – June 2, 2023, the Greenhouses of Russia Association, with the support of the Committee on Agrarian Issues of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in Moscow (VDNKh, Pavilion 57), held the XX specialized exhibition “Protected Soil of Russia”, which, by order of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia dated December 28, 2022 No. 926 was included in the exhibition plan for 2023.
The exhibition was a large-scale and significant event for the protected ground of Russia and once again became a platform for the exchange of experience, the presentation of the latest achievements in the field of greenhouse vegetable growing, mushroom growing and floriculture and demonstrating the dynamic development of this important area of agricultural production.
Supplying the population with fresh fruit and vegetable and mushroom products produced by greenhouse enterprises is an important component of the Food Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation.
The exhibition was attended by: heads and specialists of greenhouse enterprises, representatives of the State Duma, Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, Rosselkhoznadzor, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Agro-Industrial Union of Russia, Rosagroleasing, higher educational and educational institutions, agribusiness subjects of the Russian Federation, industry unions and associations, banking structures and the press.
Greenhouse plants presented at the exhibition a wide range of grown vegetables and green crops, mushrooms, berries and flowers.
The exhibition was opened by General Director of the Association “Greenhouses of Russia” Natalia Dmitrievna Rogova and Sitnikov Alexei Vladimirovich – President of the Association “Greenhouses of Russia”, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Competition of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by:
  • C.I. Morozov, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Regional Policy and Local Self-Government of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, who congratulated the organizers and participants on the exhibition and expressed support for legislative support for the development of domestic seed production for protected soil in Russia.
  • A.V. Dvoinykh, Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council on Agrarian Food Policy and Environmental Management of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, emphasized that the exhibition is an important business center, a communication platform for business contacts, new ideas and projects for protected soil in Russia and has a fruitful effect on the development of this area of agricultural production, and also addressed the organizers and participants with the wishes of successful and fruitful work;
  • R.V. Nekrasov, Director of the Department of Crop Production, Mechanization, Chemicalization and Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, noted in his speech that 2022 was not an easy year for the country’s agro-industrial complex. But, despite the risks that have arisen, the production of vegetables in winter industrial greenhouses continued its positive growth dynamics and amounted to more than 1.5 million tons.
The competition “All-Russian Brand. The Quality Mark of the 21st Century.
The products submitted to the competition were evaluated by the competition Commission based on the results of the examination of FBU ROSTEST-MOSCOW.
At the opening of the exhibition, the following nominations were awarded:
“Passport is an environmentally friendly product”
  • OOO “Agrokultura group”, Moscow region;
  • Branch of OOO TK YugAgroHolding in st. Petropavlovsk Chechen Republic;
  • LLC “Greenhouse complex” Perm “, Perm region.
“Golden Sign” (with the right to use the photo of the medal on products for two years)
  • LLC Greenhouse complex “Perm”, Perm region;
  • LLC Greenhouse Complex Novocheboksarsky, Chuvash Republic;
  • Sosnogorsky Greenhouse Complex LLC, Komi Republic;
  • CJSC “Matveevskoe”, Moscow region.
After the opening and familiarization of the guests with the key expositions of the exhibition, a conference was held on the topic: “Development of greenhouse vegetable growing, mushroom growing and floriculture in modern economic conditions”, moderated by A.V. Sitnikov.
  • R.V. Nekrasov, Director of the Department of Crop Production, Mechanization, Chemicalization and Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia;
  • P.A. Chekmarev, Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • M.N. Petrunin, Project Manager of the Department for Coordination and Business Development of Rosagroleasing JSC; E.N. Khrabskov, Managing Director of the Corporate Business Development Department of JSC IC RSHB-Insurance, O.A. Mironova, Deputy Head of the Department of Rosselkhoznadzor.
  • IN AND. Terekhova, Head of the Department of Vegetable Growing, RGAU Moscow Agricultural Academy named after A.I. K.A. Timiryazev.
The conference discussed:
  • results and prospects for the development of protected ground;
  • scientific potential is high co-technological greenhouse vegetable growing;
  • effective leasing solutions of Rosagroleasing JSC for greenhouse complexes and peasant farms;
  • digital technologies in the production of greenhouse vegetables;
  • insurance of greenhouse complexes, including the crop of vegetables in protected ground;
  • the role of Rosselkhoznadzor in ensuring the quality and safety of greenhouse products;
  • issues of personnel training for greenhouse vegetable growing.
As part of the business program of the exhibition, round tables were held:
  • Own production of electrical and thermal energy for greenhouse enterprises and farms;
  • The task of developing effective lighting in light culture;
  • The practice of successful interaction between greenhouse enterprises and retail chains.
  • How to achieve sustainable performance indicators using biological control;
  • Bacterioses and viruses, the main problems of modern greenhouse vegetable growing;
  • TOP 5 myths in plant nutrition based on low-volume technology. Why in practice, power schemes by phases and varieties are a utopia.
Competitions were held at the exhibition, the winners of which were and were awarded gold medals of the XX Specialized Exhibition “Protected Soil of Russia” in the following categories:
“High quality protected ground products, fresh vegetables, mushrooms, cut flowers”
  • JSC JV ZARYA, Volgograd;
  • OJSC Agrokombinat “Vyborzhets”, Leningrad region;
  • LLC Greenhouse plant “Obskoy”, Novosibirsk region;
  • LLC Greenhouse plant “Tolmachevsky”, Novosibirsk region;
  • Maisky Greenhouse Plant LLC, Republic of Tatarstan;
  • LLC Greenhouse plant “Smolensky”, Smolensk region;
  • AgroGrib LLC, Tula region;
  • OOO “Lazurny”, Primorsky Krai;
  • Green House LLC, Republic of Adygea;
  • JSC “Vysokovsky”, Kostroma region;
  • Branch of TK YugAgroHolding LLC, Chechen Republic;
  • JSC APK Alekseevsky, Republic of Bashkortostan;
  • JSC Teplichnoye, Ulyanovsk;
  • SHPK Combine Teplichny, Vologda.
“New innovative projects in 2021-2022. for the construction of high-tech greenhouses”
  • PKF Greenhouse Technologies LLC, Moscow.
“Introduction of new agrotechnological developments in protected ground”
  • BIOM-PRO LLC, Moscow.
“Introduction of methods and means of biological protection of plants in protected ground”
  • Bio Technology LLC, Belgorod;
  • JSC JV ZARYA, Volgograd.
“Creation and implementation of high-yielding hybrids of vegetable crops in protected ground”
  • OOO “Enza Seeds”, Moscow.
“New developments of engineering and technological systems, equipment and materials for greenhouses”
  • LiS LLC, Moscow;
More than 120 enterprises and firms, including those from near and far abroad (Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, China, etc.), working in the field of protected ground, became active participants – exhibitors, who presented greenhouse designs, the latest technologies , machinery, gas-piston installations, lighting and other equipment and materials, high-yielding varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops, modern biological plant protection products, mineral fertilizers; soils and substrates, containers and packaging for efficient greenhouse production.
In total, more than 2,700 people took part in the exhibition: managers and specialists of greenhouse complexes, mushroom growing and flower growing enterprises, representatives of regional ministries, development corporations, investment companies, scientists, teachers, students and graduate students of agricultural universities, farmers from different parts of Russia, mass media information.
The exhibition “Protected Soil of Russia” allowed to bring together professionals of protected soil from Russia, as well as from near and far abroad, to exchange experience, to get information about key trends in the development of protected ground.
The Greenhouses of Russia Association thanks everyone for their active participation and hopes that the meetings and events during the exhibition were very useful and will serve as an incentive for the further development of the greenhouse complex in Russia.

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